So glad to have you here! For the last few years, I have been working with Brooke Castillo’s Self-Coaching 101 model.  It was the hardest and most rewarding work I have ever done.  It’s impact on my life was so tangible – I am now one of her certified life coaches.

I feel it was my hardest work because I was so unconcious of my thinking.  I have slowly but surely trained myself to be more aware of my thoughts than ever.  This awareness has led me to a space of freedom to choose who I want to be and express myself more creatively and choose to do what I love.

Below are my attempts to focus my work and play on what I am currently in love with…I hope you will connect with me by commenting on musings or taking a class!

I have a intense connection with the outdoors – not only the simplicity of being in it but using it as a muse to express my creativity – whether I am learning from it, photographing it, paint it, or writing about it.  These daily musings will be a reflection of that.  I plan to keep them short, reflective and sweet!  If you would like to receive my daily musings in your inbox – you can sign up HERE.

These sessions are about starting where you are at and creating a connection with your self.  If you want something more, something different from your life but think you can’t get past certain road bumps – let’s work together to get to the bottom of it.  Being aware of your thinking is one of the most powerful tools for a connected life that you can have.  And this is where we will start.  Learn more about life coaching HERE. Contact me by email to schedule a 30 minute session to see if we are a good fit:  mmkittell@gmail.com.

I love creating websites and I want to help you get your website up and going.  This class is designed for people who have been putting it off – because they feel like it’s just “too much”.  You might even have your tribe…but no place online for them to find you!  It is a four-week very basic one-on-one class where we create your website together and get your blog rolling!  I will work with the thoughts that are holding you up, teach you step by step how to edit and work with your site.

A little bit about me…I spend my days running a youth wildlife leadership program and my evenings working with people, like you, to bring back their spirit.  I live in central Pennsylvania, enjoy getting outdoors with my dog Gracie, traveling , and loving life.

Sharing welcome...

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